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My regular range of kitchenware made from fully vitrified stoneware.

In addition to my Individual pieces – also made at the studio is a modest range of high-fired domestic/kitchen wares. All the work is carefully made by hand, giving that subtle variation and ‘feel’ which denotes a craftsman-made object. Although all made by hand as indicated, these pots form a standard range and thus may be repeated as required.

Available within this range is my well known design of bowl with handle. This allows for the bowl to be hung under a shelf and to also sit easily in the hand when in use. It functions in many ways, either for soup or cereal, for mixing an omelette, or in the microwave with – say – a jacket potato; or in its larger version as a mixing/salad bowl.

All the pottery is fully vitrified stoneware, which allows the pots to be used both in the microwave and conventional oven – and also to be cleaned in a domestic dishwasher.

At present, all the work shown here is in stock and available now to buy. For these domestic pieces, made as a ‘standard’ range, the actual pieces may vary slightly in glaze colour from the images shown.

If you are interested, please enquire if the piece is the exact piece – or if not I can immediately send you a photo of the very similar replacement.

Domestic ware made by hand will always vary slightly in the glaze tones etc.

Please click on the thumbnails to enlarge and for more details and prices.

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